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Best Credit Card in India for 2021

Looking for the best credit card in India for 2021 to fit your needs?

You’re at the proper place. Whether you would like cash back, lounge access, free flights, free hotel stays, or free business class tickets, you’ll find everything here.

But remember, there’s no single card that matches all because where we spend, what proportion we spend and the way much joining fee we’re willing to pay varies from person to person.

Credit Cards in India for 2021

Best Credit Card

• Indian Oil Citi Platinum Card

• HDFC Freedom Card

• Yatra SBI Card

• HSBC Visa Platinum Card

• Citi Cashback Card

• IndusInd Bank Platinum Card

• HDFC a refund Card

• Axis Bank Neo Card

• Kotak PVR Gold Card

Best Credit Cards in India for Salaried Individuals

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Credit cards are perhaps one of the foremost utilized financial tools within the world today. These cards are almost like loans and may be availed with a swipe of cardboard. Ever since their inception within the 1950s, cards have had a big impact on the economy.

To avail of a Credit Card, certain eligibility criteria will need to be met. for instance, the applicant must be earning a minimum annual income as defined by the Card provider and must be an adult. Additionally, credit scores also play a crucial role.

Salaried individuals can avail themselves a variety of cards as long as they’re earning a minimum annual income, as prescribed by the bank or Card provider, and have an honest credit score. variety of companies in India provide salaried employees with a plethora of cards. Each of those cards accompanies different benefits and features and therefore the eligibility criteria for each of those cards will vary.

FAQs on Best Credit Cards

1. Which bank’s Credit Card is that the best in India?

The best credit cards in India depend largely on your requirement. you’ve got tons of options to settle on from like Signature Visa , Yatra SBI Card HDFC Regalia Card, and Diners Club Black Card to call a couple of years.

2. Which Credit Card is that the best for online shopping in India?

You have tons of options for shopping for credit cards in India. Counting on your need, you’ll choose SBI Simply Save Card, Citi Cashback Card, and or HSBC Visa Platinum Card, to call a couple of years.

3. Which is that the best Credit Card with no annual fee in India?

There are tons of cards in India which accompany no annual fee. To call a couple of, you’ve got IndusInd Pioneer Legacy, HSBC Visa Platinum, and Citibank Rewards Card.

4. Which is that the safest Credit Card in India?

Most cards in India are safe. Cards like HSBC Visa Platinum Card and Citi Cashback Card are a couple of safe cards.

5. Which Credit Card in India has the best rewards program?

The system of reward points varies from one Card to a different one. For the best reward points, you’ll choose HDFC Freedom, IndusInd Bank Platinum Card, or Citi Cashback Card to call a couple of years.

6. Which Credit Card in India offers the best travel benefits?

Many cards in India come with basic travel benefits which include lounge access at the airport, accelerated reward points on travel bookings, etc. However, there are many cards that supply added benefits on travel like the MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank Regalia, etc.

7. Which is that the best Credit Card for entertainment benefits?

There are several credit cards that supply a good sort of entertainment benefits. However, there are a particular set of cards that are solely entertainment-oriented. They provide the best benefits when it involves entertainment alongside a couple of features across other categories also. The Kotak PVR Gold, HDFC, and therefore the Axis Bank Neo are among the highest cards for entertainment expenses.

8. What are the best credit cards available for a good range of dining benefits?

Most cards which are mentioned above accompany a group of dining privileges that can tend to you while you’re dining out. There also are certain cards that supply discounts and cashback while ordering online. The HDFC Bank Diners Club Card and therefore the IndusInd Bank Platinum Card is a number of the cards which supply best-in-class dining benefits.

9. Do top credit cards have higher annual fees?

No, there’s a variety of cards offered by different banks that supply many benefits at a nominal annual and joining fee. a number of the Cards are the HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank Platinum, etc.

10. What’s the minimum salary required for a credit card?

The minimum salary required to use a Card varies from one bank to the opposite. There is also a Card offered for first-time applicants who might not have a better income but can get a credit card with a lower credit limit counting on the varied factors checked by the bank.

10 Best credit cards in 2021:

Credit CardJoining FeeAnnual Fee
HSBC Visa Platinum CardNILNIL
Citi Cashback CardNILRs.500
IndianOil Citi CardNILRs.1,000
HDFC FreedomNILRs.500
Yatra SBI CardRs.499Rs.499
IndusInd Bank Platinum CardNILNIL
Axis Bank Neo CardRs.250Rs.250
Kotak PVR Gold CardNILRs.499
HDFC MoneyBack CardRs.500Rs.500

Best Credit Cards Based on Top Categories

Top Credit Card in India
Credit CardBest For
Yatra SBI CardTravel, Flight Booking, Hotel Booking
YES Prosperity Edge CardLounge Access, Rewards
HSBC Visa Platinum CardTravel, Dining, Movies
Citi Cashback CardCash Back
IndusInd Bank Platinum CardLifetime Free Card
Indian Oil Citi Platinum CardFuel
Axis Bank Neo CardCashback, Hotel, Movies
Citi Rewards CardRewards
Kotak PVR Gold CardMovies
Axis Bank Neo CardBookings, Shopping, Movies
IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Edge CardTravel, Dining, Lifestyle
HDFC Bank Diners Club Black CardLounge Access, Hotel, Dining

Benefits of credit cards:

online shopping HD image

• Opportunity to create credit

• Earn rewards like cash back or miles points

• Protection against fraud

• Free credit score information

• No foreign transaction fees

• Increased purchasing power

• Not linked to checking or bank account

• Putting a hold on a rental car or bedroom

• One-Time Bonuses

• Cash back

• Reward Points

• Insurance

• Grace Period

• Safety

• Universal Acceptance

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