Foreign Direct Investment V/S Foreign Portfolio Investment in 2021

Foreign Direct Investment V/S Foreign Portfolio Investment in 2021 What is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)? Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is speculation from a gathering in one nation into a business or partnership in another nation with the aim of setting up an enduring interest. Enduring revenue separates FDI from Foreign portfolio speculations, where financial specialists […]


Coronavirus or COVID-19 has badly hit almost all the sectors of the Indian economy, whether it be automobile or textile or aviation or tourism or food industry. Due to the pandemic. The food industry is one of the most badly hit industries due to coronavirus. The food industry was one of the first industries to […]


YouTube is the world’s most trending online video site, with over 800 million users visiting it each month. The success story of YouTube is completely amazing & fascinating. Today, in this article we bring to you the story of YouTube & its huge success. Just like Google, eBay, and Microsoft, YouTube is also an invention […]

Government Apps to counter Coronavirus

Government Apps to counter Coronavirus– In order to counteract the corona outbreak, both Central and State governments have done their efforts in surveillance technology by launching various applications. Both the government bodies have launched their applications as per their strategy. Here is the few COVID-19 related applications- Aarogya Setu COVA Punjab GoK Direct Mahakavach Test […]

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