Wealth Management

Wealth the executives is a part of budgetary administrations managing the speculation needs of princely customers. These are specific warning administrations taking into account the venture the board needs of rich customers. What is Wealth Management? Wealth the board is a consultative cycle. It includes counsels with rich customers, conversations on their monetary needs and […]

Everything About Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a fund or trust where investors pool their marginal resources, invest in securities, and distribute the returns among them on co-operative principles. The company which manages mutual funds or where resources are pooled is known as Asset Management Company. Mutual funds are one of the fastest-growing investment sectors. Mutual funds are […]


Credit score and its importance– a credit score is a 3 digit number mostly ranging from 300-900 using which banks or various other lenders check the creditworthiness of an individual before offering the loan to them. There are various companies that generate a credit score. In India, there are 4 credit information companies licensed to […]

Compound Interest on Investment

Compound Interest on Investment– Everyone wants to be rich with as little investment as possible. People should start investing at a little age so as to ripe their benefits in the future. Here is a simple real-life example to explain how compound interest on investment actually works. Imagine a snowball as it rolls down the […]

Basics of Share Market

Basics of Share Market– is where buying and selling of share happens. A share represents the unit of ownership of the company from where you have bought it. Like you bought 10 shares of Rs 50/- each of XYZ company then you will become a shareholder of XYZ company. This allows you to sell XYZ […]

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