Government Apps to counter Coronavirus

Government Apps to counter Coronavirus– In order to counteract the corona outbreak, both Central and State governments have done their efforts in surveillance technology by launching various applications.

Both the government bodies have launched their applications as per their strategy.

Here is the few COVID-19 related applications-

  • Aarogya Setu
  • COVA Punjab
  • GoK Direct
  • Mahakavach
  • Test Yourself Goa
  • COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor
  • Noida Apurti Suvidha

Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu-Government Apps to counter Coronavirus

Aarogya Setu It is a tracking application that was recently launched by the Central Government to detect the corona positive cases by using the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Bluetooth. This application determines that if a person is living to a corona infected person or an area and if anything suspicious detected so it informs the user about that person or an area. Currently, this application is available in 11 different languages and it requires the user active phone number and permission of GPS, Bluetooth, and Data sharing with the Government of India. It also provides all the general information about corona symptoms and its precautions as well as it also enables the user to get the state wise helpline numbers for any queries or in case of any emergency.

COVA Punjab

COVA Punjab-Government Apps to counter Coronavirus

COVA Punjab–  It is abbreviated as the CORONA VIRUS ALERT application and was launched by the Punjab Government to provide information about the preventive care and other policies of the Government to the residents. It is also a tracking application and it can also be used to obtain the curfew passes for essential services.

GoK Direct

GoK Direct-Government Apps to counter Coronavirus

GoK Direct– This application was launched by the Kerala Government, and the main aim of this application is to increase the awareness of this pandemic to a large number of people. Basically it is information providing application, and this is not tracking or medical aid application.


Mahakavach-Government Apps to counter Coronavirus

Mahakavach– This application was launched by Maharashtra Government with the main motive is to trace the history of COVID-19 positive patient by finding of the places which a patient had visited and the people the patient had interacted before the detection of the virus. This application also encourages the quarantine status update.

Test Yourself Goa

Test Yourself Goa-Government Apps to counter Coronavirus

Test Yourself Goa This application is developed by Goa state government in collaboration with Innovaccer. It was launched to help the user to self diagnose itself about the corona symptoms. The user can diagnose it by answering a few preloaded questions in YES/NO format, then the preloaded database will determine whether that user is corona positive or not.

COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor

COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor-Government Apps to counter Coronavirus

COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor– The Tamil Nadu government had collaborated with Pixxon AI Solutions for the development of this monitoring application. It ensures effective tracking and information management. This application is only for the people who are quarantined in accordance with the official database and it is not publicly accessible.

Noida Apurti Suvidha

Noida Apurti Suvidha

Noida Apurti Suvidha– This application was launched by Uttar Pradesh Government especially for the Noida region because a large number of corona positive cases were detected in this region. This application provides the online ordering facility to the users only for the essential services from its locality vendor. This application provides the contact of various vendors present in the users’ locality.


Users need to be cautious

The Government had taken the technological assistance to encounter this pandemic and all these initiatives were excellent but the majority of these applications access the personal data of the user and directly shares to the government database like travel history of the user, people which had interacted with the user in a specific period of time and all this personal information can easily be used for illegal means because these application does not come with effective servers so that all the data will be stored securely, so the user needs to be cautious before accessing these applications.

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