Coronavirus or COVID-19 has badly hit almost all the sectors of the Indian economy, whether it be automobile or textile or aviation or tourism or food industry. Due to the pandemic. The food industry is one of the most badly hit industries due to coronavirus. The food industry was one of the first industries to […]


UPI or Unified Payments Interface is an online payment system that can be used to pay the money directly from the bank account with the assistance of a smartphone. By UPI you can transfer money without any IFSC code and beneficiary’s account number. UPI was launched in December 2016 as an advanced version of IMPS(Instant […]

Compound Interest on Investment

Compound Interest on Investment– Everyone wants to be rich with as little investment as possible. People should start investing at a little age so as to ripe their benefits in the future. Here is a simple real-life example to explain how compound interest on investment actually works. Imagine a snowball as it rolls down the […]

The Effects of Fiscal Deficit on Economy

Fiscal Deficit on Economy -Fiscal Deficit comprises of 2 words one is fiscal and other one deficit. Fiscal means yearly and deficit means a shortage of anything. In economics, a fiscal deficit means the difference between the expenditure incurred and revenue generated by the country in a particular year. When the expenditure incurred is more […]

Concept of Curves in Economy

Concept of Curves in Economy– A curve is a graphical representation of how a particular quantity whether it is growth, supply, or demand alters over a period of time. They are generally used in the statistical analysis in order to determine the type of pattern for that quantity. The shape of the curve creates a […]

Why You Need A Budget?

Why You Need A Budget? -The importance of budgeting cannot be neglected because with this you decide how much amount of money and where it needs to be spent whether you are an employee in some company or a businessman so that the spent amount will give you higher returns in future in terms of […]

Jobs Affected due to Coronavirus?

Jobs Affected due to Coronavirus– International Labor Organization – The ILO stated that COVID-19 is having an adverse effect on workers and employers with massive losses. The world is facing the worst global crisis since the World War-ll. The economic impact of this pandemic is likely to be severe and sustained. The ILO collaborates data […]

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