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What is the GMAT Exam in 2021?

The Graduate Management Admission check, or GMAT, is a crucial part of the graduate school application method. The GMAT may be a multiple-choice, computer-based, and computer-adaptive standardized examination that’s usually needed for admission to graduate business programs (MBA) globally.

The GMAT is developed and administered by test maker GMAC to supply business colleges with common measures of applicants’ readiness for graduate-level educational work. graduate school admission committees investigate your GMAT score, alongside work expertise, educational record, and supporting materials, to assess your readiness for the pains of associate degree Master in Business program.


The GMAT examination measures your command of basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, multi-source information analysis, and descriptive linguistics. a lot of significantly, it measures your ability to investigate and assess a piece of writing, suppose critically, and solve issues. The GMAT is initial and foremost a check of your vital thinking skills. Knowing the way to reason through and analyze data is the key to an excellent GMAT score.

This examination may be a computer-adaptive check that assesses the candidates’ analytical writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in commonplace written English. the value of giving the examination is the U.S. $250. This check is taken to induce admission into a graduate management program, like Master in Business and Masters in Finance connected courses in high business colleges across the planet.

In this article, we’ll inform you concerning every and each facet associated with covering GMAT Registration to GMAT examination Structure and more:

  1. GMAT Registration
  2. GMAT Scholarships
  3. GMAT Preparation tips
  4. GMAT program
  5. GMAT Results and Scores

Since, sixteenth of April 2018, the Graduate Management Admission Council has shortened this examination by the half-hour. Now, the examination is for three hours and half-hour together with check directions and breaks. The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative sections were shortened by thirteen and ten minutes several. The Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment alongside the Score Preview and therefore the facultative break time remained an equivalent.

These changes don’t have any impact on rating within the shortened Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative sections as solely the unscored things are removed by the GMAC. GMAT incorporates a feature that gives candidates the pliability to customize their expertise by selecting the section order during which they feel most snug taking the communication.

Recent updates in GMAT

CORONAVIRUS/Covid-19 ALERT: Effective Gregorian calendar month eleven candidates taking the online communication can have a selection of whiteboard choices, physical or on-line. GMAC conjointly proclaimed a commitment to maintaining the supply of on-line communications throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and opened extra on-line take a look at appointments for this exam presently through Gregorian calendar month seventeen.

With uncertainty continuous in taking a look at center availableness, GMAC can still open extra appointment dates pro re nata and continues to waive schedule and cancel fees across each the net and take a look at center exams to supply extended flexibility for test-takers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GMAC must suspend test-center based mostly communication for candidates, as worldwide varied countries have place restrictions on the movement of voters. On April-15th-2020, GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), administrator of the Graduate Management Admission take a look at (GMAT) proclaimed the discharge of the online communication. apprehend all concerning the on-line communication from registration to check dates to get coverage to retesting here.

Top business colleges not demand and a few even waiving application fees. Universities are extending deadlines, thus a lot of students will apply for admissions.

Why take the GMAT Exam?

It is the foremost wide accepted communication for MBA admissions worldwide. No alternative communication has as wide satisfactoriness as GMAT, as per the GMAC, globally nine out of ten MBA enrollments square measure created through Score. Further, 2,300 + colleges settle for GMAT Scores for giving admission. Also, there square measure 650 testing centers in 114 countries that administer the communication.

How usually is that the GMAT communication Offered?

Most take a look at-takers are eased to grasp that the communication is accessible on-demand at test centers worldwide on most days of the year. National holidays square measure a notable exception. thus if you’re distressed concerning communication dates, don’t be! Their square measure lots left.

That said, you ought to schedule your to take a look at dates well beforehand. counting on the scale of your city, you’ll or might not have multiple take a look at centers to decide on from. Regardless, register early. If you’re troubled to work out the most effective time of day to require the solution extremely depends on you.

Once does one typically study Associate in Nursingd take apply GMAT tests? area unit you an early riser or an evening owl? once does one feel most alert? These area units all stuff you ought to think about once choosing the most effective time of day to require your communicating.

How typically you’ll be able to take the GMAT?

GMAT communicating may be a terribly completely different question from however typically this is obtainable. whereas the is obtainable terribly oft, you’ll be able to solely take the once in any 16-day amount, and solely 5 times at intervals a twelve-month amount.

Where is that the GMAT communicating Offered?

Many take a look at centers around the world supply. therewith aforesaid, the bulk of those who take a look at centers tend to be in larger cities (you will notice centers close to you on the GMAT website). If you don’t sleep in one amongst these cities, certify to set up your travel way beforehand.

In fact, it’s even value doing a take a look at run to scout out your take a look at the location. rely on it: you’ll little doubt be nervous on your take a look at day. Don’t add any stress by obtaining lost on the way. certify to go to your take a look at the website before you take a look at the day to try to to a practice of your transportation.

What is a CAT, Anyway?

As I discussed earlier, the GMAT may be a CAT. And, no, I haven’t lost my mind—CAT suggests that pc adaptative take a look at. This exam is pc adaptative, which implies that the amount of issue of the queries adapts to your ability level. queries seem on your display screen one at a time. you need to answer and make sure every question before you’ll be able to move forward to the subsequent question.

Sections of the GMAT:

  • AWA Essay – half-hour
  • Integrated Reasoning – half-hour
  • Quantitative Section -62 Minutes, thirty-one querie
  • Verbal Section – sixty five Minutes, thirty six queries

How the GMAT is scored

  • For the Verbal and Quantitative sections, you receive a score on a scale of 0-60. The Verbal and Quantitative scores area unit combined into a complete score on a scale of 200-800.
  • In addition, for the AWA Analysis of Associate in Nursing Argument essay, you’ll get a score on a scale of 0-6.
  • For the Integrated Reasoning Section, you’ll get a score from 1-8 fully purpose increments. This section, just like the AWA, is scored severally and isn’t adaptative, neither is it a part of the 200-800 score.
  • Altogether, you will get five completely different scores: AWA score (0-6), Integrated Reasoning score (1-8), Quantitative score (0-60), Verbal score (0-60), and a complete score (200-800 for the Verbal and Quant).

Quantitative Section summary

The Quantitative section is the third section of the GMAT. It follows the AWA essay and the Integrated Reasoning Section. Here’s what the Quantitative section has a future.

  •   QUESTIONS & temporal arrangement
    • You will be needed to answer thirty-one queries in sixty {two} minutes – a mean of two minutes per question. every question may be multiple alternative questions with five answer decisions. Once you answer a matter you can’t return to review it or amendment your answer.
    • This section is adaptative – supported your answer on every question, the pc adaptative take a look at choosing a more durable or easier question for your next question.
    • The Scaled Score of this section ranges from zero to sixty, though a score below seven or higher than fifty-one is rare. (This is additionally true for the Verbal section)
    • In this section (as all told sections of the GMAT) you can’t use a calculator, however, scribbling block is provided within the sort of Associate in Nursing eradicable note board (5 legal-sized pages laminated in clear plastic) and a thin-tipped eradicable marker pen.

Verbal Section summary

The Verbal Section is that the fourth and last section of the GMAT. It comes once the Analytical Writing Assessment Section, the Integrated Reasoning Section, and therefore the Quantitative Section.

Here’s what the Verbal section has in store:

  • QUESTIONS & temporal arrangement
    • You will be needed to answer thirty-six queries in sixty-five minutes – a bit but 2 minutes per question on the average, though some question sorts (Reading Comprehension) typically take longer than others (Sentence Correction). every question may be multiple alternative questions with five answer decisions. Once you answer a matter you can’t return to review it or amendment your answer.
    • This section is adaptative – supported your answer on every question, the pc adaptative take a look at choosing a more durable or easier question for your next question.
    • The Scaled Score of this section ranges from zero to sixty, though a score below seven or higher than fifty-one is rare (as within the Quantitative section).
    • For the overwhelming majority of taking a look at takers, the verbal score is considerably under the quantitative score. Verbal numerous over forty area unit already within the ninetieth mark of the population – the equivalent of a 49-50 quantitative score.
    • In this section, you can’t use a wordbook or the other aid, digital or otherwise. scribbling block is provided within the sort of Associate in Nursing eradicable note board (5 legal-sized pages laminated in clear plastic) and a thin-tipped eradicable marker pen.

The thirty six queries within the Verbal Section area unit comprised of 3 question types:

  • 14-17 Sentence Correction queries, wherever you’re asked to settle on the proper version of a sentence out of 5 choices.
  • 13-15 Reading Comprehension queries (4 reading passages, 3-4 queries on every passage), wherever you’re needed to browse a passage and answer varied questions about its content and structure. once you get Reading Comprehension queries, the screen splits into a district for the passage and a district for the question and answer selections.
  • 10-12 crucial Reasoning queries, wherever you’re needed associatealyze|to research|to investigate} an argument and realize the logical answer to the question stem, like purpose the most logical flaw within the argument, select a sentence that weakens/strengthens the argument, etc.

What is the Eligibility criteria for the GMAT exam?

As such, there are no set eligibility criteria set by GMAC, the body conducting for showing for the test. However, one should meet the eligibility criteria set by the university/college one aspires to urge into once giving the GMAT.

Age criteria

  • The candidate should have completed eighteen years older
  • There is not any higher regulation of the candidate
  • If the candidate is between thirteen to seventeen years previous, they ought to have permission in writing from their folks or trustee

Educational qualification

  • GMAC has not proclaimed any official statement concerning qualification needed to seem for this exam
  • Candidates WHO would like to register for AN MBA programme ought to possess a graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university

GMAT test Fee: what proportion the test cost?

  • The application fee for the test is $250, which might translate to authority eighteen,700 just about. Also, if the candidates need to alter the middle or schedule the check then they’re going to be charged further. Candidates WHO don’t show up for the check are charged a full test fee.
  • GMAT Cancellation Fee: If you cancel the test one to fourteen days before the check date then you’ll be charged $200 and $50 is refunded. If you cancel the test fifteen to sixty days before the appointment then you’ll be charged $175 and $75 is refunded. And if you cancel the check over sixty days before the appointment then you’ll be charged $150 and can receive $100 as a refund. Moreover, the check appointment can not be canceled or changed within twenty-four hours of the scheduled check and time.
  • GMAT Rescheduling Fee: If you schedule the test one to fourteen days before the check date, you’ve got to pay US$150. Also, if you schedule the test fifteen to sixty days before the appointment then you’ve got to pay US$100. If you schedule the test over sixty days before the check date then you’ve got to pay US$50.

How to Register for GMAT?

According to GMAC, you’ll register for the test half-dozen months before the Graduate Management Admission check date or latest by twenty-four hours before the test date, however, the slot isn’t accessible at the last moment. Therefore, it’s advised to book your most well-liked slot well before the planned test date.

Ways to register

  • Online
  • Phone
  • Postal mail

When is the GMAT result available?

The candidates receive nearly the complete Score Report simply once finishing the check aside from the AWA Score. The candidate can have the choice of accepting it or rejecting it. within the case of acceptive the result, the will dilate and also the institutes of alternative can read the result; however if the candidate declines the result none of the parties are ready to read the results of this exam. Once the test is over, will candidates can transfer the non-official result. Finally, the candidates receive the whole Score Report within twenty days of giving the check as well as the AWA Score.

Why Take the GMAT Exam?

The GMAT™ test Helps You Stand Out

If you’re serious about graduate school, take the test. faculties understand that if you are taking the test, you’re serious about earning a graduate business degree. They conjointly understand it’s a well-tried predictor of your ability to achieve your chosen program.

Take the one graduate school test that elevates you from the remainder of the pack as a result of it:

  • Demonstrates your commitment, motivation, and talent to achieve graduate school.
  • Measures your crucial thinking and reasoning skills, the 2 most relevant skills to the world’s prime graduate business programs.
  • Connects you with the best-fit program through customized program recommendations.
  • Enhances the earning potential and creates a world of opportunities.
  • Business faculties trust the GMAT test to tell admission choices.

Fast Facts concerning the GMAT test

  1. For over sixty years, the GMAT test has been the foremost wide used test for MBA admissions.
  2. Nine out of ten new MBA enrollments area unit created employing a score*.
  3. 200,000 candidates worldwide take the test annually.
  4. 7,000 MBA and Masters programs use the test.
  5. 2,300+ faculties use the test.
  6. 110+ countries receive score reports.
  7. 650 testing centers in 114 countries administer the GMAT test

What is an honest GMAT Score?

When considering your score goal, it’s perpetually an honest plan to appear at the mean or average score of admitted candidates to the master’s degree programs you’re considering applying to. this can provide you with an honest baseline

The Quantitative and Verbal sections of the are every scored from zero to sixty, with the mean score for Quantitative at thirty-nine and therefore the mean score for Verbal at twenty-seven. The score business colleges and master’s degree programs pay the foremost attention to is that the combined 200–800 score scale, wherever the mean score is 552.

You can use the tables below to visualize the connection between scaled scores and therefore the test-takers achieving them:

Percentile Total GMAT Score*

  • Top 100 percent of all take a look at takers  
    • 710
  • Top twenty-fifth of all take a look at takers   
    • 650
  • Top five hundredth of all take a look at takers  
    • 580
  • Below the fiftieth mark of all take a look at takers  
    • 570

How onerous is that the GMAT?

There are many aspects of the GMAT that create it a troublesome take a look at. First, the distinctive computer-adaptive format of the GMAT implies that you’ll not be able to skip a tough question and are available back thereto later; you want to choose a solution and go on. At an equivalent time, you’re rewarded not just for correct answers however additionally for proper answers to high-level queries. All this suggests that you simply ought to each answer tough queries and screw quickly. additionally, you’ll see question sorts and formats that you’ve seemingly ne’er seen in your tutorial career.

The GMAT may be a difficult examination, however, it’s a skills-based take a look at, and that’s superb news. Why? as a result of the abilities tested on the GMAT are skills you’ll (and will) learn.

How long is that the GMAT?

On take a look at Day, you’ll expect to sit down for the examination simply over three.5 hours, as well as test-taking time and facultative breaks. Note that this point doesn’t embrace your arrival time at the testing center. it’s counseled that you simply hit the testing center a minimum of half-hour before your examination.

GMAT SectionTime
Analytical Writing Assessment30 minutes
Integrated Reasoning30 minutes
Quantitative62 minutes
Verbal65 minutes
Optional Breaks16 minutes
Total Approximate Time3 hours, 23 minutes

When to require the GMAT

Because master’s degrees and alternative business programs have a good vary of application deadlines, you’ll wish to analyze your programs of interest before time and make sure that your GMAT score will be rumored in time for your earliest point. Your GMAT score is sweet for 5 years.

Keep in mind that several master’s degree programs settle for applications in “rounds” that may finish as early as Sep for spherical one at extremely competitive programs and may go as late because the following Gregorian calendar month or could for spherical three or maybe spherical four.

You’ll wish to devote 1–3 months to learning for the GMAT. GMAT takes a look at takers World Health Organization score within the ninetieth mark or higher usually study over one hundred twenty hours for the examination.

How much will it price to require the GMAT?

The cost to require the GMAT is $250 and includes causation score reports to up to 5 programs of your alternative. It’s necessary that you simply opt for the proper time to require the GMAT—and the proper take a look at prep—for you, therefore you don’t ought to pay the fee over once.

Note: On Feb four, 2020, the value of the GMAT examination can increase to $275 within the U.S. (excluding United States territories) and Canada.

GMAT Scores for prime ten Business colleges

Your GMAT Scores permit you to use the highest business colleges across the planet. we’ve provided average GMAT Scores needed to urge into the highest business colleges globally:

Business Schools Average GMAT Score

  • University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
    • 732
  • Stanford University (CA)
    • 732
  • Yale University (CT)
    • 724
  • Harvard University (MA)
    • 730
  • Columbia University (NY)
    • 732
  • University of California—Berkeley (Haas)
    • 726
  • University of Chicago (Booth)
    • 731
  • Northwestern University (Kellogg) (IL)
    • 732
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
    • 728
  • Dartmouth College (Tuck) (NH)
    • 722

GMAT Scholarships

Scholarships and grants are typically given by B-schools to pursue knowledgeable programs like master’s degrees. Moreover, scholarships will be need-based or merit-based, however, there aren’t any set rules for awarding a scholarship. It depends on every school’s admission method, so, the candidate must always refer to the college itself for gaining a scholarship.

Also, there are 2 styles of scholarships, full and partial. the complete scholarship covers the complete price of the program, whereas a partial one covers solely a part of the course fee. Also, we’ve given elaborate data on GMAT Scholarships for Indian students


Q. What area unit the common facts concerning GMAT?

A. Common facts concerning the GMAT communication are:

  • Students also are not allowed to seem for his or her GMAT communication quite five times during a 12-month rolling amount.
  • Candidates will try the GMAT communication to most of eight times in their period.
  • The distinctive facet concerning GMAT is that it doesn’t have a collection communication date. Students have the pliability to decide on from the numerous obtainable GMAT communication dates to seem for the communication.

Q. What’s the distinction between GMAT and GRE?

A. The GMAT is the standardized check for obtaining admission to a graduate school whereas GRE is needed for entering into a school. Now, even bound business faculties have conjointly started acceptive GRE in addition. like GRE, GMAT communication includes a Verbal and Quantitative section. In GMAT, the 2 sections area unit combined to grant a composite score of 800. you’ll scan additional concerning GRE vs GMAT: that communication do you have to Take?

Q. what’s the distinction between GMAT vs. CAT?

A. GMAT or otherwise called the Graduate Management Admission check and customary Admission check or ordinarily mentioned as CAT area unit the 2 most generally accepted management entrance tests, lots of that area unit accepted by all the highest B-schools, together with the IIMs.

The essential distinction, between the 2, is that whereas CAT may be a national level test for college kids trying to find admission to prime Business faculties in India, GMAT is controlled at a worldwide platform and helps students for admission to prime B-Schools worldwide. Conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council, GMAT scores area unit acceptable in the main within the case of NRI/Foreign students United Nations agency needs to review in India.

The IIMs settle for the GMAT score of domestic candidates for govt management programs. Candidates will learn in-depth concerning the distinction between GMAT and CAT exams. you’ll conjointly scan Why B-Schools currently like GMAT over CAT?

Q. what’s a pc reconciling test?

A. GMAT may be a computer-adaptive check, it adapts to the performance of the candidate whereas he’s giving the check. the issue-level of the queries changes supported whether or not the candidate is respondent the queries right or wrong.

If the candidate is respondent to the queries right, the extent of the queries can rise, similarly, if the candidate is respondent to the queries wrong, the candidate can begin obtaining straightforward queries.

Also, because the next question is generated supported the performance within the current question, the candidate cannot visit the parliamentary law. The candidate must answer an issue whether or not he’s able to solve it or not so as to maneuver ahead.

Q. what’s centile vs Marks assessment in GMAT?

A. The GMAT score includes a centile that compares your performance with different test-takers. If you score within the eightieth centile, then you performed higher than eighty % of the aspirants. evaluation of high centile suggests that you performed higher than most of the candidates appeared for the communication. Similarly, evaluation of low centile signifies that you simply scored under most of the candidates.

Q. however am i able to schedule and Retake GMAT Exam?

A. Rescheduling of the GMAT communication may be done through 2 major modes: on-line and via phone.

  • 1 to fourteen days before appointment: U.S.A. $150
  • 15 to sixty days before appointment: U.S.A. $100
  • More than sixty days before appointment: U.S.A. $50

Please note that the communication can not be rescheduled on the check date. the sole distinction in rescheduling the communication is thru the phone is that you simply would want to pay a $10 surcharge together with the rescheduling fee.

Retaking the GMAT communication may be done when sixteen days from your previous try. However, the utmost limit of making an attempt the communication is five times a year. This rolling 12-month amount is counted from your 1st try no matter the time of year.

Q. what’s the manager Assessment Exam?

A. For govt MBA, GMAC has introduced a replacement mini GMAT referred to as govt Assessment communication. This communication is specially designed for EMBA candidates and is of a significantly shorter period. it’s meant to check the analytical and intellection of the individual, which is additionally fitted to the manager MBA course.

Q. the way to send my GMAT scores to B-schools?

A. GMAT scores may be sent in 2 ways in which to B-schools. Whereas registering for the GMAT communication, candidates have the choice of causation the score report back to 5 programs without charge. Also, if candidates don’t seem to be determined nevertheless and want longer to send their scores, they’ll continuously request causation a further score report by paying $28. Many a time, students send their score reports when receiving the score confirmation.

Q. What if I would like to attain report a GMAT communication confiscated 5 years ago?

A. continuously ask the varsity before attending to request associate recent score report, a majority of the faculties don’t settle for the lots of the communication confiscated five years agone. Score reports from communication given among five to ten years agone area unit obtainable without charge, however, they’re sent to varsities with a caveat that ought to be understood with caution. Also, score before five years will solely be ordered by reaching intent on GMAT client Service of your involved region.

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